What is high speed disperser

What is high speed disperser

The high-speed disperser is composed of a driven vertical shaft and a high shear disc blade. The blades rotate at speeds up to 5000 FPM and form a radial flow pattern in a fixed mixing container. The blade creates a vortex that pulls the contents of the container to the sharp edge of the blade.

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High speed disperser | Stepless speed regulation

There are electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for water-based paint) and explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation (such as for oil-based paint) and other forms. The stepless speed regulation function can fully meet the different process requirements in each process, and different speeds can be selected according to different process stages. It is not suitable for materials that do not add additives to the powder and have high requirements on the integrity of the product package.

Double Shaft High Speed Disperser

Double shaft hydraulic lifting high-speed dispersing machine is widely used in coatings, greases, inks, resins, adhesives, medicine, pigment food and other industries, widely used in agriculture, papermaking, dyes and pigments, paint coatings, electronics, inks, chemicals, food, Dissolving, mixing and dispersing materials in cosmetics and other industries. The characteristics of the equipment are that the air content is very small during mixing and dispersion, the solid-liquid mixing and dispersion effect is good, the dissolution speed is fast in the process of medium and high speed dispersion, and the particles are fine.

Speed adjustment of high speed disperser

The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily (electromagnetic speed regulation and frequency conversion speed regulation). The speed regulation range is 80-1250 rpm. The medium speed is used for stirring and dissolving, and the high speed is used for dispersing and homogenizing. The main motor is a speed regulating motor,

The working principle of high speed disperser

Under the high-speed rotation of the sawtooth circular dispersing disc blade, the material is violently turned up and down in the container, colliding and shearing with the blade, so that the aggregate is destroyed to achieve rapid dispersion, homogeneous mixing, and accelerated dissolution. The phase material is stirred, dissolved and dispersed at high speed to complete the process of solid-liquid dispersion, wetting, depolymerization and stabilization.

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The tip speed is the speed at the outer tip or edge of the spinning disk. Typical tip speed for a disperser, measured in feet per minute, is calculated by multiplying the constant 3.14 by the diameter of the disk (in feet) by the rotations per minute of the disk) of the agitator shaft. The industry term for tip speed is peripheral speed.

The dispersing machine is divided into experimental dispersing machine and production dispersing machine; The speed of the experimental type is divided into many, the common ones are 8000r/min, 2800r/min; The speed of production type is the same, generally 1500r/min, and the speed of higher power is 960r/min.

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