What is a Basket Mill

What is a Basket Mill

Basket mills are highly efficient batch milling systems.Vertical agitator and beads are combined on one grinding chamber-which called basket,the mill base is passed through the basket and is circulated for grinding and dispersing,an efficient circulation of the mill base through the basket ensures excellent dispersion results in a short period of time.

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5 designers with the title of engineer or above, 2 full-time material engineers, 6 technicians, all of whom have worked in well-known domestic and foreign companies;

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Yancheng has a production base with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters, of which the total investment in equipment is about 35 million yuan.

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Choose aerospace materials, low wear; excellent and reasonable design of internal structure and overall machine; precise processing equipment, standardized production process workshop, quality assurance.

After-sales guarantee

Rucca promises to respond within 2 hours when receiving the buyer's report for repairs, provide a solution within 24 hours, and offer free damaged parts in warranty period.

Basket mill

Rucca is a famous producer and designer of wet grinding and dispersing equipment in China,product list:Inline Dispersing System,Full Series of Bead Mills,Basket Mill,Mixing machine such as High Speed Disperser,Dual Shafts Mixers,Triple Shafts Dissolver,High Shearing Homogenizer,Grinding Beads,and Whole Production Line.


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Basket Mill For Ink

Basket Mill For Ink is specially used for ink production, which can achieve nano particle size, narrow particle size distribution and convenient operation. Specification: high performance and high energy multiple cooling system, with cooling basket and cooling container, no blocking beads and broken beads

Basket Mill For Paint

Paint basket mill is a wet mill with unique self-priming impeller design, stable feeding, no anti bead, no blocked bead and no broken bead. Special small screen design, smaller grinding beads can be used to obtain finer particle size and narrow particle size distribution.

How a Basket Mill Works

The working principle of the basket grinder is that the self-priming impeller sucks the material at high speed → the extremely fine grinding in the grinding basket → the high-speed rotation of the dispersing disc produces the effect of dispersion, mixing and circulation → thus forming a high-efficiency cycle of material suction, grinding and discharge, which solves the problem. It solves the problem of material flipping, avoids the dead angle of circulation, and can obtain excellent grinding effect in a short time.

Basket Mill Applicable Scope

The blue grinder is especially suitable for materials that need to be ground and dispersed, and is widely used in ink, color paste, dyes, pigments, coatings and other industries.

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To be briefly:basket mill is a kind of batch bead mill,the product was ground circulated in one container,easy to operation,and the grinding chamber is easy to clean,very suitable for customer who need to change color frequently.Horizontal bead mill is continuous mills,the product pass through the grinding chamber to another container,all slurry will be ground without by-pass,and for some model,the final particle size can reach to smaller size(nanometer).

  1. Easy to change color,it is hard to clean horizontal bead mill thoroughly,so there must have some color contamination when you change color,but for basket mill,it is easy to clean,and there is less residue.
  2. Less maintenance cost,compare with horizontal bead mill,basket mill don’t have mechanical seal,it is easier to dismantle and less vulnerable parts.
  3. Easy to operation.

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