What is a Sand Mill

What is a Sand Mill

A sand mill is a piece of industrial equipment designed to grind a given material into very small particles of roughly equal size.Classified by grinding chamber direction,the sand mill can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type,classified by agitator type,the sand mill can be divided into disc type,pin type,turbine type,etc.Different sand mills are suitable for different products,welcome to leave message for detailed recommendation.

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5 designers with the title of engineer or above, 2 full-time material engineers, 6 technicians, all of whom have worked in well-known domestic and foreign companies;

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Yancheng has a production base with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters, of which the total investment in equipment is about 35 million yuan.

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Choose aerospace materials, low wear; excellent and reasonable design of internal structure and overall machine; precise processing equipment, standardized production process workshop, quality assurance.

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Rucca promises to respond within 2 hours when receiving the buyer's report for repairs, provide a solution within 24 hours, and offer free damaged parts in warranty period.

bead mill for piant

Rucca is a famous producer and designer of wet grinding and dispersing equipment in China,product list:Inline Dispersing System,Full Series of Bead Mills,Basket Mill,Mixing machine such as High Speed Disperser,Dual Shafts Mixers,Triple Shafts Dissolver,High Shearing Homogenizer,Grinding Beads,and Whole Production Line.


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Sand Mill For Coating Material

Paint Sand Mill are primarily used in the coatings, inks and paint industries to reduce the size and dispersion of pigments in liquids. Pigment particles were dispersed to 2 microns in one pass. The grinding chamber is equipped with grinding media and the feed is pumped from the bottom chamber. The material moves upward and is subjected to high shear forces, which cause the material to be finely ground. A jacket arrangement is also provided for cooling the abrasive material in the chamber.

Battery Slurry Sand Mill

The first requirement for battery slurry is the uniformity of dispersion. If the slurry distribution is not uniform, there will be serious agglomeration, which will affect the electrochemical performance of the battery; secondly, the slurry needs to have good sedimentation stability and rheological properties to meet the requirements of the film coating process, and the coating thickness evenly.

Sand Mill For Dye

Sand Mill For Dye is a liquid for particle size reduction and dispersion of pigments in liquids in the dye and pigment chemical manufacturing industry, allowing particle size reductions up to 2 microns. Sand mills are used to process paints, enamels, inks, cement primers and emulsions. 

Inkjet Ink Sand Mill

The dispersibility of pigment particles in solvents and their dispersion stability also directly affect the performance of inkjet printing. Agglomeration of pigment particles will directly cause the nozzle to clog and damage the printer. At the same time, the dispersion stability of the inkjet ink is also affected. Tested by factors such as temperature, time and printing equipment, the quality of inkjet inks largely depends on its dispersion stability.
The horizontal sand mill can be used for micron, submicron, and nanoscale ultra-fine grinding. It is widely used in scientific research, formula research, small and medium sample production or small batch production in universities, research institutes or manufacturers.

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The standard outer material of machine is SUS304,and the wearing part like rotor,inner chamber is made of hard alloy,such as Tungsten Carbide,High nickel alloy steel,or ceramic,PU,according to the media and requirements of customer.

Rucca is a designer and provider of wetting grinding and dispersing industry,except regular pre-sales and after-sales service,we can also offer capacity calculation of machine updating, production line design,machine layout and capacity effect test before purchase,to help customer expand machine easily.

Rucca have a excellent team and own patent,with machines export experience over 18 years, know rules of import and requirements of end product between different country,could offer customer more professional service.

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