What is a homogenizer machine

What is a homogenizer machine

Homogenizer machine is a kind of equipment used to homogenize and emulsify liquid materials (liquid-liquid phase or liquid-solid phase) with viscosity lower than 0.2Pa.s and temperature lower than 80℃. Mainly used in food or chemical industry, such as: homogenization and emulsification in the production process of dairy products, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other products.

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Coating Homogenizer Machine

The coating homogenizer can meet the high-speed / low-speed mixing of low viscosity or medium viscosity products. Widely used in paints, paints, coatings, resins, ink, dyes, pesticides, adhesives, sealants, paste, paste, paste materials, lubricants, paste cosmetics, emulsion production. Coating production process: batching, premixing, making white paste, discharging, filtering and filling.

Homogenizer Machine For Cosmetics

The homogenization system includes top homogenizer, bottom homogenizer, internal and external circulation homogenizer. The mixing system includes unidirectional mixing, bidirectional mixing and spiral belt mixing. The lifting system includes single cylinder lifting and double cylinder lifting. Triple mixing adopts imported frequency converter for speed regulation, which can meet different process requirements. Vacuum defoaming can make the material meet the requirements of sterility. Vacuum sucking is adopted, especially for powder materials. Vacuum sucking can avoid dust. The cover of the emulsifying pot can adopt the lifting system, which is easy to clean and has more obvious cleaning effect. The emulsifying pot can adopt inclined discharge.
It is suitable for all kinds of cream paste materials, such as skin cream, BB cream, shampoo, ultrasonic gel, wax, ointment, detergent, honey, sauce, serum and ointment, etc. in industrial products such as cosmetics, daily necessities, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Homogenizer Machine For Pharmaceuticals

The drug homogenizer includes emulsifying pot, lifting system, unloading system, vacuum system, electric control system, rotating system and mixing system. The oil pot is used to dissolve some solids that can only be dissolved into oil, and then the dissolved solvent will be sucked into the emulsifying pot through a hose. The function of water pot is the same as that of oil pot. Emulsifying pot is used to emulsify products sucked from oil and water pots.
The equipment is suitable for emulsification of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and fine chemical products, especially materials with high matrix viscosity and high solid content. Such as cosmetics, cream, ointment, detergent, salad, sauce, make-up water, shampoo, toothpaste, mayonnaise, etc.

High Shear Homogenizer Machine

High shear homogenization machine is a process of transporting one or more phases (liquid, solid and gas) to immiscible continuous phase (usually liquid) efficiently, quickly and evenly. Usually, each stage is incompatible. When the external energy is input, the two groups of materials form a phase again. Due to the high shear rate and high frequency mechanical effect caused by the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material is subjected to strong mechanical and hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact tear and turbulence in the narrow gap between the stator and rotor, resulting in suspension (solid / liquid), emulsification (liquid / liquid) and foam (gas / liquid).

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The industrial homogenizer is a machine made of two basic components: a compression block, which allows the product to be pumped under high pressure, and a homogenization valve, which can micronize the dispersed particles to micron and nano scale, depending on the characteristics of the product and the required results.

Milk may not be suitable for the production of semi-hard or hard cheese because the condensate is too soft and difficult to dehydrate. High pressure homogenizer is a pump with homogenization device. When efficient homogenization is required, homogenizer is generally required.

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