SDF-Multi-function lab dispersing machine

1.New driving,permanent magnet DC motor,no carbon brush consumption. 2.Small size,large torque,high efficiency,low energy consumption,low noise,no reversing spark interference and linear speed regulation. 3.Continuousl

Inline high shearing emulsifier pump

Pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier effectively,quickly and evenly disperse a phase or phases to another consecutive phase,usually,these phases are dissolvable to each other.The rotor revolves quickly and strong fo

EH-hydraulic lifting high shearing Homogenize

Using electric snorkel lifting. Brief operation,swift lifting. Could match with pulling cylinders and their fixtures. Suits for medium and large sized production.

EB -high shearing Homogenizer emulsifier

High shearing dispersion emulsifying machine can be efficient uniform and fast to distribute one or more phases to another,however,the various acquaintances are not mutually  soluble in general,due to the strong fun