(food)Dispersion and Grinding Solution for Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

(food)Dispersion and Grinding Solution for Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

The main applications of Rucca dispersion and grinding equipment in food are spices, cocoa powder, fillers, food additives and so on. In the process of making chocolate,first grind sugar and milk powder to below 250 microns, then melt the cocoa butter and cocoa liquor and mix them,finally, recirculated grind the slurry to achieve the corresponding taste.

Application of Dispersing Grinding Equipment(sand mill) in Food Fiber Extraction

Application: food fiber extraction Material: Herbal Medicine original size(powder):160~250micron particle size:100~150nm(D90) Recommended model: T series full ceramic sand mill  

Grinding dispersion solution for medical gels and ointments

Biochemical engineering is a multidisciplinary cross-discipline composed of biology, chemistry, engineering, etc. It is based on experimental research, and pays equal attention to theory and engineering application. It i

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