(chemical industry)Integrated Solution for Chemical Production Line

(chemical industry)Integrated Solution for Chemical Production Line

From Dosing and weighing-- Pre-mixing-- Grinding and dispersion(bead mill)-- Blending potting,to filtration packing of final product,Rucca provides customers with the integrated solution of design and equipment for entire chemical production line.

Adhesive dispersion solution

There are many types of adhesives, which can be divided into only by chemical composition: (1) Inorganic adhesives: silicate, phosphate, sulfate (gypsum), borate (fusion glass), ceramics, zirconia , Alumina, low melting

Dispersion and grinding of battery materials

 Rucca online dispersion equipment can realize online dispersion from low viscosity to 1 million cps viscosity range. The online dispersion technology is the world's leading. Realize dust-free feeding, efficien

Rucca Equipment application on Catalyst

Explanation: In a chemical reaction, a substance that can change the chemical reaction rate (increase or decrease) of the reactants without changing the chemical balance, and whose quality and chemical properties have no

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