(paint)Integrated Solution for Paint Production Line | coating Production Line

(paint)Integrated Solution for Paint Production Line

From Dosing and weighing-- Pre-mixing-- Grinding and dispersion(bead mill)-- Blending potting,to filtration packing of final product,Rucca provides customers with the integrated solution of design and equipment for entire paint production line.

Dispersing and grinding solution for coil and container coatings

Coil coating consists of base material, adhesive, pigments and fillers, additives and volatile components. According to the purpose, it can be divided into primer and top coating. Generally, aluminum only needs a single

Dispersed Grinding Solution for Wood Coating

Wood paint refers to a type of resin paint used on wood products, including polyester, polyurethane paint, etc., which can be divided into water-based and oil-based. Rucca develops a silica powder dispersion artifact for

Dispersing and grinding solution for automotive paint

Automotive paint (car paint) is a kind of protective film sprayed on the car. It is a kind of paint, which makes the car body not easy to be corroded. It also gives people a beautiful evaluation. Different car paints hav

Dispersion and Grinding Solution for Industrial Coatings

Application: Industrial Coating Material: Industrial thermal paint top coat Fineness requirements: 10-15 microns Recommended equipment: IDS online dispersion system Advantages: zero dust pollution, energy saving and

Dispersion and Grinding Solution for Protective Coatings

Protective coatings include special-purpose coatings such as metal heat treatment protective coatings, fire-resistant coatings, and thermal insulation coatings. Rucca developed this integrated feeding and dispersing grin

Latex paint dispersion system---IDS online dispersion machine

Application: Exterior wall latex paint Fineness requirement:45 micron Solid content:70% Recommended model: IDS online dispersion machine Advantages: zero dust pollution, energy saving and consumption reduction &nb

Plastic coating dispersion grinding solution

Note: Plastic coatings are coatings applied on plastic materials, and the requirements for the top coat in plastic coatings are relatively high. Rucca developed this set of integrated feeding and dispersion Grinding syst

Marine Coatings Whole Plant Solution

 From weighing and counterweighting--pre-mixing---grinding and dispersing (sand mill)---mixing adjustment to final product filtering and canning, Rucca provides customers with the design of the entire marine coating

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