Powder Machine

Small bag dust-free powder feeding station

   Small bag dust-free powder feeding station is in a negative pressure state, no dust leakage, no dust and environmental protection, no loss of materials in the feeding process, and a clean environment.

Bulk bag discharging station

   bulk bag discharging station re offered in numerous frame configurations. The two most popular are BFF Series dischargers with bag lifting frame for forklift loading and unloading of bulk bags, and BFC


   VACUUM POWDER FEEDER is a kind of conveyance equipment for conveying particles and powder materials with the aid of vacuum suction.  

Conical mixer

   Double screw conical mixer rotated around its axes by right of two internal asymmetric spirals which is installed on the cantilever. Mean while, the rotational force from the cantilever drive two spiral doin

Planetary mixer

The stirring paddle in the kettle rotates while revolution, which make material flow around, so it can realize mixing (compounding) effect in short time. The additional one or two high-speed disperser in the kettle rota