(agrochemcalions)Integrated Solution for Pesticide Production Line

(agrochemcalions)Integrated Solution for Pesticide Production Line

From Dosing and weighing-- Pre-mixing-- Grinding and dispersion(bead mill)-- Blending potting,to filtration packing of final product,Rucca provides customers with the integrated solution of design and equipment for entire pesticide production line.

Dispersing & Grinding solution for CS

Microcapsule pesticide suspension(CS) refers to a pesticide formulation in which a small container with a core-shell structure is formed by synthetic or natural polymer materials, the pesticide is coated in it, and the p

Dispersion and Grinding Solution for DF

Pesticide dry suspension(DF) is one of the pesticide formulations, which is made by water suspension and dehydration (called DF). The manufacturing process of dry suspension concentrate: original medicine + auxiliary age

Dispersion & Grinding for SD

Pesticide seed coating agent: The dry or wet seeds are coated with a pesticide composition containing a binder to form a protective layer with a certain function and coating strength on the outside of the seed. This proc

Dispersion and Grinding Solution for EC

esticide emulsifiable concentrate(EC) is a kind of original medicine dissolved in organic solvent according to the formula and added with a certain amount of emulsifier, synergist and stabilizer to make a transparent oil

Dispersion & Grinding for SL

 Pesticide water soluble powder refers to water soluble powder and pesticides. A processing formulation of pesticides. It is made by adding a hydrophilic group to the original pesticide with greater water solubility

Dispersion and Grinding Solution for EW

Emulsioninwater (EW) is a lipophilic liquid original drug or a low-melting solid original drug dissolved in a small amount of water-insoluble organic solvents, and extremely small oil droplets (<10μm) are stably di

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