What is a Disc Bead Mill

What is a Disc Bead Mill

Disc bead mill is a kind of horizontal bead mill with disc type agitator. As an ultra-fine grinding machine, the disc sand mill has a better temperature control system,the grinding beads will be more even during running.The materials final particle size can reach to 2-20um after grinding, which are widely applied in coatings, dyes, inks, pesticides, lithium batteries, new nano materials, carbon nanotube, cosmetics, graphene, etc.

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5 designers with the title of engineer or above, 2 full-time material engineers, 6 technicians, all of whom have worked in well-known domestic and foreign companies;

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Yancheng has a production base with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters, of which the total investment in equipment is about 35 million yuan.

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Choose aerospace materials, low wear; excellent and reasonable design of internal structure and overall machine; precise processing equipment, standardized production process workshop, quality assurance.

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Rucca promises to respond within 2 hours when receiving the buyer's report for repairs, provide a solution within 24 hours, and offer free damaged parts in warranty period.

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Rucca is a famous producer and designer of wet grinding and dispersing equipment in China,product list:Inline Dispersing System,Full Series of Bead Mills,Basket Mill,Mixing machine such as High Speed Disperser,Dual Shafts Mixers,Triple Shafts Dissolver,High Shearing Homogenizer,Grinding Beads,and Whole Production Line.


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Application of horizontal disc bead mill

The grinding fineness can reach sub-micron level, and it is suitable for materials with slurry viscosity ≤10000mPa.s.

Horizontal disc bead mill discharge separation system

Large flow, non-clogging, composed of dynamic centrifugal separator and static screen ring. Very small beads (0.3 to 3 mm) can be used. No outlet blockage occurs under high flow conditions, good heat dissipation, and the narrowest particle size distribution.

Horizontal Disk Bead Mill

The horizontal disc grinder adopts the closed design of the eccentric disc grinding chamber. The grinding discs are installed on the stirring shaft in a certain order, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional horizontal grinder such as uneven distribution of grinding media and uneven particle size distribution after grinding.

Print Ink Disk Bead Mill

Print Ink Disk Bead Mill will solve all kinds of problems in your process, such as material fineness, temperature, output, solid color and metal pollution. The bead mill for printing ink and pigment is widely used. It provides continuous production, improves efficiency, maintains a high level of quality, and is economical and easy to operate. It has become a necessary equipment for such factories.

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  1. The special disk structure will force the grinding beads back to front cap,so the beads will not block on the discharge ares,reduce the hydraulic packing chance.
  2. The mechanical equips lubricant tank and plate heat exchanger,reduce the broke chance for high temperature.
  3. Automatic stop for overload,high pressure,high temperature,prevent the hazard.
  4. Quality high wear resistant material(high nickel alloy or SiC chamber,manganese alloy,ceramic PU agitator),extend the working lifespan.

Rucca provide full series bead mills,including horizontal bead mill(disc type,pin type,turbine type), vertical bead mill(basket mill,superfine nano pin type).The most simple method for choose bead mill is to refer final particle size,disc type is for over 1 micrion,pin type is for nano scale,in practical application,the model selection is more complex,you must consider about the features of product,such as temperature limits,thixotropy,metal contamination,and so on.Freely to contact us for detailed recommendation.

The selection of bead mill should be based on the needs of customers, not the more expensive and higher the performance is the better.If you are a paint manufacturer, the fineness requirement
 is not very high, about 3-50 microns is required, you do not need to choose a high-end model,specific could ask customer service.

There are variety of grinding media,Yttrium stabilized pure zirconia has the characteristics of high hardness (HRC95), high density (5.89 g/cm3), high surface stability, etc.It is the wet grinding medium of most of the various sand mills currently,because of strong stability, no pollution to materials, high hardness and high density.

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