What is a high-speed shear emulsifier

What is a high-speed shear emulsifier

The high-speed shearing emulsifier means that the materials are continuously rotated and stirred in the homogenizing pot through the stirring frame in the pot, so that new interfaces are continuously generated, and the materials are sheared, compressed, and folded, so that they are stirred and mixed and flow down to the bottom of the pot. At the homogenizer, through the strong shearing, dispersion, impact, turbulence and other processes generated between the high-speed rotating rotor and the stator, the material is cut in the shearing seam, and quickly broken into particles of 200nm ~ 2μm. Material micronization, emulsification, mixing, homogenization, dispersion, etc. are completed in a short time.

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Lab Shearing Emulsifier

High Speed Laboratory Homogenizer High speed laboratory scale shear has high speed for better and more efficient completion of dispersion, homogenization, emulsification and mixing. It is the ideal laboratory emulsifying equipment. For dispersing, mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing and dissolving in the laboratory. The whole process of stirring, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing and mixing is suitable for dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing materials in the industries of biology, pharmacy, food, printing ink, textile auxiliaries, cosmetic lubricants, and fertilizers.

Shearing Emulsifier Mixer

The rotors and stators of the high shear emulsifier mixer liquid soap making machine have precision, ensuring that the material is processed with a shear effect every few hundred times. Several interchangeable stator heads cover a wide range of applications including cosmic emulsions such as mortar and other processes that require mixing, homogenizing, crushing, suspending and dissolving.

Industrial Inline High Shearing Emulsifier

Inline high shear emulsifier is a high-efficiency continuous production emulsifier. It processes materials in continuous production or circulation of fine materials. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed. It reduces the particle size of liquid-liquid and liquid-solid materials through external mechanical force, and evenly distributes one phase material into another phase or many other phases to achieve good homogenization, dispersion and emulsification. As a result, the material becomes a stable emulsion.

Pigment High Shearing Emulsifier

High-speed latex paint emulsion mixing and dispersing machine is widely used for mixing, dispersing and dissolving liquids and solids such as paints, pigments, inks, pesticides, dyes, resins, food, etc.

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The essence of the emulsification process is the process of breaking and refining large water aggregates into micro-sized micelles. The combined action of the emulsifier and the emulsifier completes the emulsification process. Emulsification methods currently used include mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic and other methods. High shear, ultrasonic, high pressure homogenization, jet flow, vortex mixing and stirring are mechanical methods; the emulsifier is actually a chemical method; the magnetization treatment is an electromagnetic method.

The high shear emulsifier has the following basic functions: 1. shearing (1) The material is instantly sheared by the powerful filling and sealing machine through the outer diameter of the rotor and the inner diameter of the stator. (2) The complex and intense fluid motion drives the particles to collide with each other, and the particles collide with the rotating stator, thereby forming a hydraulic shear effect that cannot be underestimated. 2. Friction (rubbing) action The material is subjected to strong grinding and tearing between the outer diameter of the rotor and the inner diameter of the stator. 3. pump mixing The centrifugal movement of the fluid is driven by the rotor cutting groove and the rotation of the blades to produce a pumping effect. The agitation of the rotor slot, the stator slot and the centrifugal blade produces a mixing effect.

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