What is a pin bead mill

What is a pin bead mill

The pin bead mill adopts a unique large-area tubular mesh centrifugal separator, with accurate separation and smooth discharge, which solves the problems of slow discharge speed and grinding medium blockage. Ultra fine grinding media can be used. Pin (nail) grinding system and high-power driver can realize the high efficiency and reliable performance of wet grinding. Non clogging patented dynamic screening system is equipped with high yield and narrow grinding medium size. These needle ball mills are suitable for paints, coatings, inks and other products.

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Professional Team

5 designers with the title of engineer or above, 2 full-time material engineers, 6 technicians, all of whom have worked in well-known domestic and foreign companies;

Strong strength

Yancheng has a production base with a total investment of 120 million yuan. The plant covers an area of 6,000 square meters, of which the total investment in equipment is about 35 million yuan.

Quality Assurance

Choose aerospace materials, low wear; excellent and reasonable design of internal structure and overall machine; precise processing equipment, standardized production process workshop, quality assurance.

After-sales guarantee

Rucca promises to respond within 2 hours when receiving the buyer's report for repairs, provide a solution within 24 hours, and offer free damaged parts in warranty period.

RUCCA pin bead mill

Rucca is a famous producer and designer of wet grinding and dispersing equipment in China,product list:Inline Dispersing System,Full Series of Bead Mills,Basket Mill,Mixing machine such as High Speed Disperser,Dual Shafts Mixers,Triple Shafts Dissolver,High Shearing Homogenizer,Grinding Beads,and Whole Production Line.


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Battery Pin Bead Mill

Anode materials mainly include carbon anode materials, alloy anode materials, carbon nanotubes, nano-alloy materials and nano-oxide materials. The battery pin bead mill is mainly used to grind nanometer fineness materials.

Ultra Fine Pin Bead Mill

Ultra Fine Pin Bead Mill for nanoscale ultrafine grinding of materials sensitive to temperature and metal contamination. It can be used in industrial fields such as inkjet ink, digital ink, ceramic ink, lithium battery, medical material, fluorescent brightening nano-coating, plasma, thermal paper coating and so on.

Superfine Pin Bead Mill

Superfine Pin Bead Mill, high-energy concentration realizes large-flow ultra-fine grinding, and utilizes grinding energy as efficiently as possible. Suitable for printing inks, colorants, paints, nanomaterials, pesticides and other fields.

Nano Pin Bead Mill

Nano Bead mill grinding structure (system): pin (pin)/disc/turbocharger/basket with separate drive for stand-alone centrifugal separation system. This vertical structure enables a thorough grinding process, enabling the finest and narrowest particle distribution down to the nanometer scale. They are ideal for colorants, pigments, dyes, furniture paints, automotive paints and more, especially UV inks and offset printing inks.

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In terms of rotor structure, there are disc sand mills, pin-pin sand mills, and turbine sand mills. From the material of rotor and grinding cylinder, there are rubber (rubber-coated iron), metal, ceramic, silicon carbide

Applicable viscosity of rod pin bead mill: below 20000cps

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