Application and exploration of sand mill as wet grinding equipment in pharmaceutical field

Application and exploration of sand mill as wet grinding equipment in pharmaceutical field

Application and exploration of sand mill as wet grinding equipment in pharmaceutical field
  Sand mill, also known as bead mill, is a kind of wet grinding equipment that plays an important role in the grinding process of material liquid products. Its wide range of applications and unique grinding process makes it play an indispensable role in various industries. Especially in the field of pharmaceutical production industry, the application of sand mill is particularly important. This paper will focus on the application of sand mill in the field of pharmaceuticals, to explore its workflow, special needs and future development direction.
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The working principle of the sand mill is mainly through the material and liquid mixed into a solid-liquid mixture, and then use the material pump to input the material into the cylinder. In the cylinder, the material and grinding media in the disperser stirring effect of high-speed rotary movement, through the collision, friction and shear effect to achieve the effect of dispersion of the material grinding. This process makes the application of sand mill in the pharmaceutical field has unique advantages.

However, the pharmaceutical field of sand mill requirements are far more than that. Due to the special nature of pharmaceutical products, the pharmaceutical industry has put forward three important requirements for sand mills, such as high output, hygiene and flexibility. First of all, high throughput means that sand mills need to have efficient grinding capacity to meet the demand for throughput in pharmaceutical production. Secondly, hygiene is one of the most important considerations for the pharmaceutical industry. When selecting mechanical seals for sand mills, simple or compound sleeve sliding seal seals are usually used to ensure that there is no dead space for sanitization in the grinding chamber. Finally, flexibility is also an important requirement for sand mills in the pharmaceutical industry. Since pharmaceutical production products are hardly ever the same twice for repeated grinding conditions, sand mills need to have good universal performance to adapt to the grinding needs of different materials and processes.

Although the application of sand mill in the pharmaceutical field has many advantages, there are still some problems that need to be improved and explored. For example, the sand mills on the market are not convenient to clean and are prone to cross-contamination. In addition, some pharmaceutical products require frozen grinding, but current sand mills cannot meet this demand. In addition, problems such as impurities that may be generated during the grinding process and heavy metal contamination caused by unqualified accessories also need to be solved.

To address these problems, we can improve and explore the following aspects. First, strengthen the cleaning function of the sand mill to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. By optimizing the cleaning system and structural design, the sand mill can be more thorough in the cleaning process to avoid the impact of residues and impurities on product quality. Secondly, research and development of sand mills adapted to the needs of frozen grinding. By improving the cooling system and material selection, the grinding performance and stability of the sand mill in the low temperature environment can be improved. In addition, new grinding media and process methods can be explored to reduce the impurity content in the grinding process and improve grinding efficiency.

In addition to improvements at the technical level, we also need to focus on the applicability and standardization of sand mills in the pharmaceutical field. Through the establishment of perfect industry standards and norms, to promote the application and development of sand mill in the field of medicine. At the same time, strengthen cooperation and communication with other related industries, and jointly promote the innovation and progress of sand mill technology.

In conclusion, the application of sand mill as wet grinding equipment in the field of medicine has a broad prospect and potential. Through continuous improvement and exploration, we can solve the current problems and challenges and promote the application of sand mill in the field of pharmaceuticals more mature and stable. In the future, with the continuous development and innovation of the pharmaceutical industry, sand mill will play a more important role in the pharmaceutical field, providing more efficient, hygienic and flexible grinding solutions for pharmaceutical production.

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