What are the advantages of Rucca pin type bead mill

What are the advantages of Rucca pin type bead mill?

 pin type  bead mill

Rucca pin type bead mill is an efficient grinding equipment, it uses a new pin grinding components, which lead to high grinding efficiency, large output, low energy consumption. lts compact design and small length/diameter ratio make the energy density is high, the grinding medium has no direct contact with the screen, and the wear is small and the service life is long.
Rucca pin type bead mill adopts a large flow static centrifugal separation screen, making the discharge area is large, while the grinding medium has no direct contact with the screen, so the wear is small and the service life is long, This separation screen structure a so makes the machine more stable and reliable during operation, and will not affect production because the medium is blocked by the screen.
The grinding cylinder and grinding rotor of Rucca pin type bead mill adopt a forced cooling system which makes the discharge temperature low and has no influence on sensitive materials. This design also makes the discharge temperature of the equipment is well controlled, and will not affect the quality and stability of the product because the temperature is too high.The grinding components of Rucca pin bead mill are made of high quality wear-resistant alloy steel, which has excellent wear resistance and can reduce the pollution of materials in the grinding process of equipment. At the same time, according to product requirements, grinding components of different materials can also be selected, such as stainless steel, polymer, ceramics and other materials, to meet the needs of different fields.
Rucca pin type bead mill is widely used in digital printing ink, solvent ink, water-based ink, automotive paint, industrial paint, pigment, color paste and nano materials dispersion grinding. The requirements for grinding equipment in these fields are very high, and the equipment needs to have efficient, stable, reliable performance and easy operation. As an advanced grinding equipment, Rucca pin bead mill just meets the needs of these fields and has been widely used and recognized.
in short, as a kind of efficient grinding equipment, Rucca pin bead mill has the advantages of high efficiency, large output, low energy consumption, long life and easy operation. lt adopts new pin grinding components, large flow static centrifugal separation screen, forced cooling system and high quality wear-resistant alloy steel and other advanced technologies, making the performance of the equipment has been well improved, At the same time, the application field of Rucca pin grinding machine is also very wide, suitable for digital printing ink, solvent ink, water.based ink, automotive paint, industrial paint, pigment, color paste and nanomaterials dispersion grinding such as. lf you are looking for an efficient and reliable grinding equipment, you may wish to consider Rucca pin bead mill, which will bring more convenience and benefits to your production.

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