2023 International Agrochemical Products Exhibition ACE

2023 International Agrochemical Products Exhibition ACE

 2023 International Agrochemical Products Exhibition ACE
The 23rd Pesticide Exchange and 2023 International
 Agrochemical Products Exhibition will be held at the World Expo Exhibition Center from October 25 to 27 2023. Shanghai RUCCA Mechanical &Electrical Technology Co, LTD attended the meeting as an exhibitor of the exhibition.Booth No.: 2B30,Hall H2Exhibition

2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 Congress, and it is also an important stage for the high-Quality development and industrial upgrading of the pesticide industry Affected by the complex and changing international environment, the sustainable development to the industry faces multiple challenges. In order to analyze the opportunities and challenges facing the development of the industry under the new situation and new environment, and discuss the green and high-quality development ways of the industry's low-carbon transformation, the themeof this conference will be "Work hard, lead by innovation, shape the new advantages of the development of the industry and forge ahead bravely strengthen the foundation and link the new world of globa agrochemistry". Leaders of relevant ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, industry experts, scholars and outstanding entrepreneurs will be invited to share and discuss the status quo and development trend of the industry in depth.The exhibition will actively promote the upstream and downstream industrial chain of pesticide and fertilizer production -- raw material supply, production of active drugs and inter mediate spreparation processing, pesticide additives, packaging equipment, new fertilizers, agricultura machinery, environmental protection and other production enterprises cooperation and information exchange, to promote domestic enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets.With an exhibition area of nearly 50,000 square meters, more than 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors will participate in the exhibition, and the total number of visitors is expected to exceed50,000. The exhibition will open an all-weather online exhibition hall during the same period, so that visitors who cannot reach the scene can experience the immersive feeling.
First look at exhibits
rucca bead mill

Star model DF series horizontal bead mill
Large flow -- German technology: static centrifugal discharge device, large discharge area, large flow.
Intelligent double mechanical seal, mechanical lubrication liquid and material soluble, safe and reliable, German mechanical seal technology, imported perfluorinated sealing ring, capable of avariety of solvents.
Special high wear-resistant alloy steel material, to ensure the service life of the equipment.Cooling efficiency: the segmented double spiral channel is more conducive to cold and heat replacement. The cooling efficiency is 2 times that of the ordinary model.Grinding efficiency: more than 30% higher than the ordinary model, the use of combined disperser group can quickly improve the dispersion efficiency, grinding medium can be selected ultrafine grinding medium,more efficient.
EQ high shear emulsion pump
EQ high shear emulsion pump is driven by the motor rotor high-speed operation, the use of mechanical external force to make liguid-liguid, solid-liguid material particle size narrow, so thattwo kinds of Material fusion, so as to achieve the fine quality, dispersion emulsification effect
1. Low noise smooth operation, no dead corners.
2. Short distance, low head conveying.EQ shear pump is mainly used in low-medium viscosity materials, such as: ink, paint, color paste pesticide suspension agent, etc.
On-line dispersion system Features of the new efficient online dispersion wetting mixing system:1. The new efficient online dispersion avoids dust pollution/treatment and fully meets the requirements of current environmental regulations
2. Reduce labor intensity and greatly improve dispersion efficiency
3. Reduce space requirements and reduce the number of equipment, especially the sand mil4. Energy saving and consumption reduction, taking 2m: pesticide preparations as an example the required equipment power is about 2/3 of the existing power
5. Some pesticide preparations may not need to be grinded into the bead mill
6. Some formulations can reduce the amount of additives such as surfactants and dispersants7. Wetting and dispersing, depolymerization, dust-free, low energy consumption and powder barrel empty fully realized in one machine.
Review of Past

RUCCA Technology and you meet the 23rd pesticide exchange and 2023 Internationa Agrochemical Products Exhibition, October 25-27, 2023, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition an Convention Center. 2B30. we will be there.

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