ACE2022,the 22nd National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition

ACE2022,the 22nd National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition

ACE2022,the 22nd National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition
  The AgrochemEx 2022(22nd National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition) will be held in Hangzhou on October 19th-21st, 2022.ADD:Hangzhou International Expo Center (HIEC),No.353, Benjing Avenue,Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou.Rucca will attend this grand event as an exhibitor,our booth number is 1A Pavilion,A208.

Briefly introduction of the AgrochemEx 2022:
In the face of uncertain epidemic risks, in line with the principle of actively responding to the national epidemic prevention policy, taking the overall situation into consideration, and ensuring the health and safety of all participants,now decided to move the "22nd National Pesticide Exchange Conference and Agrochemical Products Exhibition, 5th Modern Agricultural Service Exhibition" originally scheduled to be held at the Shanghai World Expo on October 24-26, 2022 to Hangzhou,time:19th-21st,Oct.2022,address:Hangzhou International Expo Center (HIEC).
Hangzhou is located in the radiation circle of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and is one of the most economically dynamic cities in the Yangtze River Delta region. According to statistics, more than 70% of the professional visitors of the ACE exhibition are from the Yangtze River Delta region. In addition, Zhejiang has gathered a large number of industry leaders and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises. Therefore, the move of the pesticide exhibition to Hangzhou has a solid base of exhibitors and visitors.
  The equipment exhibited by Rucca in this exhibition includes:
DF Disc type horizontal bead mill
High flux--Germany technology:static centrifugal discharging devices,super discharge area with large flow.
Adopts intelligent double mechanical seals, the lubricating liquid can dissolved with material ,safe and reliable,mechanical seal technology based on Germany,imported total fluorine sealing ring,can receive a variety of solvent;
Grinding parts are made of special wear-resistant alloy steel,ensures long service life of equipment;
Cooling efficiency:adopting the segmented double helix,which is more advantageous to exchange heat.Cooling efficiency is 2 times as much as ordinary types;
Grinding efficiency compare with ordinary type:increased more than 30%,the combination type scatter can rapidly improving dispersion efficiency.The grinding media can choose superfine grinding medium and it will be more efficiency
Grinding and dispersion of paints,coating,printing ink,pesticides,etc.

EQ High Shearing Inline Mixer
The principle of EQ high shearing inline mixer is,the rotor driven by motor with a high speed,the mechanical external force between rotor and stator will cause the particles of liquid-liquid and solid-liquid materials become narrow, so that two kinds of materials are fused to achieve the effect of refinement and homogenization, dispersion and emulsification.
1.Low noise, smooth operation, no bypassing.
2.Transportation distance is short and low.
The main application of EQ high shearing inline mixer is low-medium viscosity materials,
such as ink,coating,color paste,pesticide production(suspension concentration) and so on.

SF Pin type horizontal bead mill
New design of pin-type grinding components,with high grinding efficiency and large output,but low energy consumption;
With smaller length/diameter ratio and higher energy density;
Using large flux static centrifugal separation sieve,with larger discharging area,grinding medium without straight contact with the sieve,small abrasion,thus with longer service life;
Grinding chamber and rotor adopt forced cooling system,with lower discharging temperature and no influence of sensitive materials;
Adopting high quality wear-resistant alloy steel,reduce pollution of materials in the process of grinding.Different materials is optional according to the requirements,such as stainless steel,high polymer materials,ceramics,etc.
Grinding and dispersion of digital printing ink,solvent-based ink,water-based ink,automotive paint,industrial coating,pigment,color paste,and nano materials.

Rucca is looking forward to meeting you at Hangzhou International Expo Center (HIEC) on 19th-21st,Oct.2022!


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