Application of Dispersing Machine and Sand Mill in Coating Industry

Application of Dispersing Machine and Sand Mill in Coating Industry

   Application of Dispersing Machine and Sand Mill in Coating Industry
   With the rapid development of the paint industry, the competition among paint production equipment companies has also entered a white-hot stage.At this stage, it is determined that the competitiveness of equipment companies is no longer only about technology, but also about many details, such as environmental protection and service issues.These competitiveness is also the development trend of the coatings industry.
 In the past few decades, there have been many problems in my country's coating production process, such as energy conservation and environmental protection, backward technology and other issues.These problems have prompted paint companies to require technologically advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment to meet changes in the market.

    Shanghai Rucca Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rucca") has devoted itself to the development of the inline wetting,dispersing and powder induction system IDS, which conforms to the trend of environmental protection and provides a multi-dimensional innovative solution to solve the problem of dust pollution.This system is highly suitable for the wet grinding and dispersing needs of manufacturers of large-scale coatings, color pastes, inks, adhesives, and nano-additives.Its unique dispersing principle makes the liquid and powder fully wet before dispersing to improve the dispersing effect.This unique dispersion principle allows IDS to reduce the particle size of the slurry far more than traditional dispersion, and some products can reach microns.

The application focuses on solving the following pain points:
1.Powder feeding without dust-flying
   Dust-free powder feeding has been realized.Dust pollution is a long-term problem faced by major paint factories. The integrated feeding and dispersing grinding system developed by Rucca only needs to add a feeding station, or it can be directly fed from silos (intermediate buffer), big bags, hoppers, bags, etc. without dust-flying, to solve the problem of dust pollution.According to the feedback from the paint manufacturer, the powder suction speed of the system is very fast, and the powder suction speed can reach 145kg/min when the solid content is as high as 50%.
2.High efficiency
  High dispersion efficiency and good grinding effect.Taking white ink as an example, the traditional grinding process of white ink materials is to first mix the materials with a high speed disperser, and then grind them twice in a sand mill, than the fineness can reach to ≤15um (microns).Using Rucca’s integrated feeding and dispersing grinding system, the fineness of the white ink can reach 23um (micron) after one pass in the machine, and finally, it only needs to be quickly passed in the bead mill at a speed of >1000kg/h, and one pass is enough to reach fineness ≤ 15um (micron).
3.To dissolve resin 
  In addition, the IDS online dispersing system also unlocks a new function - to dissolve resin. Using IDS to disperse and mechanize resin online does not require a reactor, and the whole process of dispersing 3-5 tons of resin takes less than 1 hour.
  In the future, Rucca will continue to look to the future and enter the frontier, and provide excellent cost-effective equipment for different industries and different grinding and dispersing requirements, fully demonstrating the characteristics of safety, stability, efficiency and economy of Rucca equipment. While improving its own competitiveness, we will do a good job in pre-sales, sales and after-sales services to meet customer needs. Provide customers with better services and equipment, and contribute to the healthy development of the industry!


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