Functional materials - dispersion and bead mill of coatings

Functional materials - dispersion and bead mill of coatings

 Functional materials - dispersion and bead mill of coatings
Coating is an important functional material, which plays an important role in various nation
 a economic industries such as home furnishing, construction, transportation, electrical, aerospace new energy and chemical industry. Coupled with the development of society, people are not only in the function, but also in the color diversity of the requirements are more and more diverse.China is a coating manufacturing country is also a coating use country. Advanced coating production equipment is the guarantee of high quality coating production.When it comes to high-quality paint production equipment, ultra-fine dispersion and grinding equipment is one of the key production equipment.   
RUCCA Mechanical &Electrical Technology Co, LTD. (Here in after referred to as "RUCCA") is a high-tech enterprise committed to the service,research and development, production and sales of wet dispersion grinding equipment. RUCCA production of  pin horizontal bead mill machine, pan horizontal bead mill machine, basket mill machine, laboratory nano bead mill machine, high energy dispersion machine and other equipment has been widely used in paint, ink, ink, inkjet, pesticide, dye, electronic grinding fluid.ceramics, batteries and all kinds of nano powder and other sub-micron, nano grinding field. Among them, RUCCA independent research and development and production of single-cooling/multi-cooling wet grinding equipment, large flow of nano-circulating grinding equipment, with independent intellectual property rights, has a high brand reputation in the market, and has been praised and favored by downstream customers.

RUCCA has been committed to independent research and development, for the coating industry launched an efficient online dispersing machine, which can directly absorb powder from silolinter mediate buffer tank), ton bag, hopper, bag, bucket, etc. Super vacuum can also be directly absorbed powder by suction tube, due to dust-free and low loss of suction powder, even difficult to wet, easy to stick powder are easy to mix and disperse.
Features of the new efficient online dispersing wetting mixing online dispersing system:
1. Avoid dust pollution/treatment, in full compliance with current environmental regulations
2. Reduce labor intensity and greatly improve dispersion efficiency
3. Reduce space requirements and reduce the number of equipment, especially the bead mill.
4. Wetting and dispersing, depolymerization, dust-free, low energy consumption and powder barrel empting-all in one machine.

  As a pioneer in the field of wet grinding and dispersion, RUCCA specializes in grinding and dispersion solutions, dedicated to meeting different needs. In the future, RUCCA will continue to carry forward the spirit of"based on China, benevolence and faith, looking at the world, unlimited creativity", sink down to research and development, do business without distractions, improve quality and promote sales, go ahead without fear of hardships, wholeheartedly add luster to"Made in China", and bring new hope to the market with its own strength.

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