The Second-Generation Bead Mill Specially Designed for Paint Grinding is Arrival

Great Advance!The Second-Generation Bead Mill Specially Designed for Paint Grinding is Arrival!

  Great Advance!The Second-Generation Bead Mill Specially Designed for Paint Grinding is Arrival!
  High-quality development requires the coatings industry to embody innovative ideas in the development process and regard innovation as the primary productive force. Promoting the high-quality development of the paint industry is the goal that every paint person strives for.The "14th Five-Year Plan" is a critical period for exploring the high-quality development of the coatings industry. During this period, the paint industry's demand standards for advanced production equipment and automated and intelligent production lines have also increased.
  In response to the needs of the coatings industry for advanced equipment, Ru
cca Technology launched the second-generation upgraded grinding product DF-superflow bead mill,the bead mill designed by Rucca for pigment dispersion can efficiently disperse pigments. Compared with conventional bead mills, the production capacity is increased by more than 50%, and the grinding temperature is reduced by 5~10°C, and the color concentration is significantly improved.Rucca products are stable and reliable, easy to operate and easy to clean, so they have gained a lot of praise in the paint market.

Specifically, it has the following advantages:
Higher specific energy  
  The rotor structure has been fully optimized, allowing higher specific energy input, thus increasing production capacity, and the application area can be expanded to the field of materials with higher specific energy requirements.
High efficient separation system
  The optimized separation system can adapt to different grinding beads, even the 0.3mm grinding beads can maintain a very low pressure.
Lower temperature
Thanks to the enhanced rotor design and optimized cooling channels, the temperature is lower than the previous generation model, which is more suitable for low temperature places.

Higher grinding media filling rate
Reinforced rotor allows higher media filling rates while maintaining good temperatures
 Better Dispersion Effect
The particle size distribution is significantly narrowed, and the pigment color concentration is higher.
Improve the flow rate
Reinforced rotor allows greater flow and maintains good
grinding chamber pressure and temperature.

  As a manufacturer specializing in wet dispersion grinding equipment, Rucca will continue to uphold ingenuity, manufacture products and continue to innovate and optimize the structure and principle of equipment, operation and maintenance, after-sales service, etc., so that everyone who chooses to trust Rucca products will benefit the entire life.


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