Invitation to the 27th Chinacoating International Exhibition

Invitation to the 27th Chinacoating International Exhibition, Kindly check!

 Invitation to the 27th Chinacoating  International Exhibition, Kindly check!
In recent years, the production and processing of coatings and paints have become more sophisticated.Enterprises should not only improve product quality and stabilize customers, but also consider how to control costs and improve their own efficiency.Choosing an energy-saving and efficient chemical machinery and equipment can help enterprises.Since its establishment, Rucc
a has specialized in the field of equipment and is committed to creating sand mills suitable for coatings.Over the years, we have insisted on R&D innovation and product upgrading. Our vision is not limited to advanced dispersing and grinding equipment, but to seek new breakthroughs from the properties of materials, dispersing and grinding mechanism, and advanced technology, and creatively combine chemistry, technology and equipment.And based on the different needs of customers, we can provide customers with complete line solutions from material transportation, metering, pre-dispersion, grinding, paint mixing, filtration to finished product packaging.

Rucca sincerely invites you to participate in the 27th China International Coatings Exhibition, time: February 22-24, 2023, booth number: 4.1F41. In this exhibition, Rucca exhibits the latest upgraded products and R&D innovations, and cooperates with industry partners Discuss progress together.

  Exhibit information:
 IDS Inline Dispersing System
  Rucca IDS online dispersing system can directly absorb powder or liquid from silos (intermediate buffer), ton bags, hoppers, material bags, buckets, etc. The equipment mixes and disperses easily.Specifically, it has the following advantages:
  1. The powder is wetted in an instant, which greatly improves the dispersion efficiency. Compared with the traditional high-speed disperser, it can save energy by 60%.
2. The dispersion effect is good, the particle size is small and evenly distributed, which can save more than one sanding process.
3. After the powder is formed into a slurry, it enters the batching tank to avoid dust and skinning in the tank.
4. Does not inhale extra air, and can quickly degas, reducing the amount of defoamer.
5. Easier to wet, reduce the amount of wetting agent and dispersant.
6. Reduce powder loss and reduce the consumption of filter and dust removal consumables.
7. It is easy to realize CIP cleaning, and the amount of cleaning liquid is small.

BM Basket Bead Mill
1. The dispersing and grinding of the base material is done in one container with one machine.
2. No need for additional pumps, pipes, valves and containers, etc.
3. Easy to clean, less residue, easy to replace products.
4. Double-walled grinding basket, double-walled cylinder, can be cooled or heated.
5. Due to the function of the dispersing disc and the suction pump wheel, the circulation effect can also be guaranteed at high viscosity.
6. High grinding efficiency and good effect.
7. Low energy consumption.
8. No loop dead angle.
9. Through the specially designed basket and rotor structure, the material can be free from metal pollution.
10. The modular design of spare parts can make the disassembly, maintenance and overhaul of the basket grinder very convenient, and there is almost no need for very professional overhaul and maintenance personnel.

SF Pin type horizontal bead mill
New design of pin-type grinding components,with high grinding efficiency and large output,but low energy consumption;
With smaller length/diameter ratio and higher energy density;
Using large flux static centrifugal separation sieve,with larger discharging area,grinding medium without straight contact with the sieve,small abrasion,thus with longer service life;
Grinding chamber and rotor adopt forced cooling system,with lower discharging temperature and no influence of sensitive materials;
Adopting high quality wear-resistant alloy steel,reduce pollution of materials in the process of grinding.Different materials is optional according to the requirements,such as stainless steel,high polymer materials,ceramics,etc.

DF Superflow Disk Type Bead Mill
  1. Higher specific energy
The rotor structure has been fully optimized, allowing higher specific energy input, thus increasing production capacity, and the application area can be expanded to the field of materials with higher specific energy requirements.
  1. Lower temperature
Thanks to the enhanced rotor design and optimized cooling channels, the temperature is lower than the previous generation model, which is more suitable for low temperature places.
  1. High efficient separation system
The optimized separation system can adapt to different grinding beads, even the 0.3mm grinding beads can maintain a very low pressure.
  1. Improve the flow rate
Reinforced rotor allows greater flow and maintains good grinding chamber pressure and temperature.
  1. Higher grinding media filling rate
Reinforced rotor allows higher media filling rates while maintaining good temperatures
  1. Better Dispersion Effect
The particle size distribution is significantly narrowed, and the pigment color concentration is higher.

S Pin type Bead Mill
1. Stable structure, exquisite design and simple operation.
2. It is more convenient to clean, change color and replace grinding beads.
3. No residue design, which better solves the problem of material discharge and residue.
4. Carbide grinding rods, through reasonable layout, high grinding efficiency.
5. The inner rotor and the outer jacket are double-cooled, and the material cooling effect is good.
6. High wear-resistant alloy lining, no pollution to the product.
7. The grinding medium wears little and the operation cost is low.

Rucca will meet you at the 27th China International Coatings Exhibition in Guangzhou. We sincerely look forward to your visit and look forward to your arrival!

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