Rucca Equipment is helping the rapid development of new energy field

Rucca Equipment is helping the rapid development of new energy field

Rucca Equipment is helping the rapid development of new energy field

   In recent years, the new energy industry in our country has developed rapidly, and it has become the world's largest producer of new energy materials and occupies the largest new energy vehicle market.
   The rapid development of the new energy industry is inseparable from the innovative application of new energy materials. Lithium/sodium ion battery materials, supercapacitor materials, fuel cell electrodes and electrolyte materials are all typical powder materials, which have extremely high requirements for particle size, purity, morphology and other indicators. In addition, new positive and negative materials such as lithium iron manganese phosphate and silicon-based negative electrodes have been put into industrial applications. In response to the development needs of the industry, relevant new equipment and equipment are also continuously upgraded.

  Rucca group focuses on research and development in new energy, and is committed to providing customers with targeted solutions. It can provide new material enterprises with key equipment issues for the entire production line from raw material transportation, bag unpacking, storage, measurement, dispersion, grinding to depolymerization. The main products are concentrated in wet dispersing and grinding equipment and systems, powder conveying and metering, high-viscosity mixing systems, powder surface modification equipment and ternary precursor co-precipitation reaction devices.

I.Rucca Inline Dispersing System
It can realize inline dispersion ranging from low viscosity to one million cps,this inline dispersing system is the world's leading,dust-free feeding,high efficient and uniform dispersion. It is mainly used in the following aspects in the new energy industry:
  1. For pre-dispersion of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. It can automatically measure online and disperse without dust, and the dispersed particle size can reach 2 microns, which significantly improves the efficiency of the back-end sand mill;
(2)For the pre-mixing of conductive agents,the carbon nanotube conductive agent with 5% solid content can be premixed at one time to reduce dust pollution, disperse evenly, and significantly reduce moisture absorption;

II.Powder conveying and metering equipment: It is mainly used for fast conveying and precise metering of positive and negative materials. It can be designed for batch metering, or used with online dispersion equipment for continuous metering.

III.Powder surface modification equipment: mainly used for surface coating of ternary materials. After melting, the surface modifier is uniformly dispersed on the surface of powder materials. Wet mixing can make the surface wettability better.

IV.Ternary precursor reaction device: Provide ternary precursor co-precipitation reaction device with precise control, high degree of automation, stable performance, uniform particle size and good morphology.
   Based on the development trend of the industry, it is the pursuit and persistence of Rucca for many years to bring customers a service experience that keeps pace with the times. To this end, Rucca has formed a variety of characteristic services with active services, reminder services, preventive services, training services, and update services as the main body, focusing on providing overall solutions for fine grinding and nano-grinding dispersion. The vigorous development of the new energy industry has made Rucca move towards a new starting point for development. Facing the future, Rucca  Equipment is helping the rapid development of new energy field and Rucca will not forget its original intention to solve the production problems of new energy materials and help customers achieve manufacturing upgrades.

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