Rucca UM vertical nano sand mill

Rucca UM vertical nano sand mill

Rucca UM vertical nano sand mill
  Nanomaterialis a new kind of material, that is, at least one dimension in the three-dimensionaspace is in the nanometer scale, or the nanometer scale is used as the basic structure, and the sizestructure of the material is special, equivalent to 10-100 atoms closely arranged together. In the process of industrial application of advanced materials, nanotechnology is not only the driving force for the development of emerging fields such as information technology and biotechnology.but also provides a new direction for coating and other fields because of its unigue physical.chemical and biological properties. With the growth of market demand for nanomaterials provides opportunities and challenges for equipment enterprises that prepare nanomaterials by physical method.
Rucca is committed to providing targeted solutions for customers in different fields of nanomaterials. In the fields of ceramic inkjet, paint, pesticide preparations, lithium batterymaterials, graphene, silicon carbide, pesticide suspension agent, Rucca has targeted process programs and equipment.

The following to introduce this equipment is Rucca UM series vertical nano sand mill, which isa special grinding equipment for nano level material grinding, suitable for the market is difficult to disperse and grind, and fineness requirements of 20-100nm material grinding. lts advantages are First, design principle and material selection
  1. Specially designed for the use of small grinding media, grinding media below 0.1mm can be used
  2. Wide application range, covering flexible dispersion to high energy grinding range.
3. Centrifugal separation of material, no filter screen.
4. All grinding chambers are high wear-resistant materials, with a variety of material options for different applications.
Second, customer practical application
Customer on-site feedback data show that Rucca UM series vertical nano sand mill in the grinding of graphene, grinding for 30 minutes, the material test particle size has reached 97nm, in the grinding to 1 hour and 20 minutes when the sample, the particle size continues to drop to80nm.
In today's product diversification, Rucca for the nanomaterials industry, for different grinding dispersion requirements of customers, to provide excellent cost-effective equipment, fully show Rucca equipment safety, stability, efficiency and economic characteristics. The formation of active service, reminder service, preventive service, training service, update service as the main body of a variety of characteristic services, so as to maximize the interests of customers, create greater value for customers.

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