The 2nd China Conference on Proton Conductive Ceramics and Hydrogen Energy Technology

The 2nd China Conference on Proton Conductive Ceramics and Hydrogen Energy Technology

The 2nd China Conference on Proton Conductive Ceramics and Hydrogen Energy Technology
The 2nd China Academic Conference on Proton Conductive Ceramics and Hydrogen Energy
 Technology will be held in Jin Ling Hotel, Yidu, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province from September 8.10, 2023. Rucca Technology was invited to participate in the conference by the Solid State lon Branch of Chinese Silicate Society, the organizer of the conference.

Background of the conference:
Hydrogen energy is a kind of secondary energy with abundant sources, green and low carbon.and widely used. lt is gradually becoming one of the important carriers for the development of global energy transformation. Fuel cells, hydrogen production and related technologies with proton conductor materialsas the core have developed rapidly in recent years. Among them, solid proton conductive ceramics with good proton conductivity can be used as reversible solid oxidefuel cells, hydrogen sensors, water vapor sensors, hydrogen pumps, hydrogen separation membranes, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of organic compounds, ammonia synthesis and direct ammonia fuel cells under atmospheric pressure and other energy conversion and electro chemical synthesis devices, which have very important application value. lt has been paid more and more attention by academic and industrial circles.
In order to explore the development trends and new trends related to proton conductive ceramics and hydrogen energy technology, guide the majority of scientific and technologica workers in related fields to carry out scientific and technological innovation, and promote the application of proton ceramic conductors in the field of hydrogen energy, jointly sponsored by the Solid State lon Branch of Chinese Silicate Society and Yancheng High-tech lndustrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Zhongke Jioneng New Energy Technology Co, LTD., Yancheng lnstitute of Technolog yand Jiangsu Yueda Group Co, LTD. Jointly hosted the "Second China Proton Conductive Ceramic sand Hydrogen Energy Technology Academic Conference" is scheduled to be held in Yan cheng City.
N Type sand mill

Jiangsu Province on September 8-10, 2023.Rucca N series rod pin sand mill, a new design of centrifugal separation device, large flow, smooth discharge, can use more than 0.1mm grinding medium, internal and external double cooling mode, can effectively reduce the heat generated during grinding. lt is suitable for the grinding of ceramic materials and other nano level materials.
Shanghai Rucca Electro mechanical Technology Co, Ltd. is the most important dispersion grinding equipment manufacturers in China, over the years adhere to independent innovation and development, not only focus on advanced dispersion grinding equipment, but also from the material properties, dispersion grinding mechanism, advanced technology, committed to the combination of chemistry, process and equipment, not only break through the equipment technology itself, but also according to the customer's products, To develop the optimal process and equipment. Rucca has set up an advanced R & D test center, has an excellent R & D team.including a number of doctors, masters and senior engineers, and hired foreign experts, committedto the leading process and production equipment development, and established two production bases in Shanghai and Jiangsu, production workshop 15000 square meters, to ensure the supply ability and product quality and service level.

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